Sunday, October 18, 2009

Early Intevention Home Visit - October 5, 2009 (Ella Marie 5 months and 5 days old)

Vicky came to our house for our October meeting. We discussed sign language. She left a sign book here with us. We discussed the difference between American Sign Language (ASL) and Signing Exact English (SEE). ASL is a language that when signing you don't sign it word for word or it may not be in the same order we say it. Ex. yellow duck may be signed as duck yellow. I would like to learn some sign language to use with Ella Marie, but speaking and listening is our biggest goal for Ella Marie. I may need to order some videos because I think it will be hard to learn sign language from books. Vicky also left us a nursery rhymes book in sign language for us to look at. There is a group in Athens, Alabama that gets together and uses baby signs with their babies. We also discussed that the main area that Ella Marie does not do that some hearing babies do is to listen for her name. We will meet with Vicky again in November.

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