Monday, October 19, 2009

Big Brother Charlie!

Charlie is our dog and Ella Marie absolutely loves him. She thinks he is the funniest thing. She loves to watch and see what he is going to do next. Charlie always wants to be in the same room as we are with Ella Marie. He has had to learn which toys are hers and which toys are his (he was used to being the only one in the house that got toys brought home to him.). It is actually pretty one of Charlie's favorite toys is the baby bottle squeak toy that he has. I guess he thinks that if she has a bottle, he needs his too.

One thing among all of the many things that are great about our dog is that he engages Ella Marie in trying to talk. Since she is fascinated with him she vocalizes a lot when he is around. This is one thing that we are so thankful for. Ella Marie needs to vocalize as much as possible and we are happy with anything that will help her do that. Thank you big brother Charlie!

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